• Red Wines

    Red Wines


    Robust, full-bodied, often enriched with floral or fruity aromas, red wine is the classic ally of good food. Used in many culinary preparations (braised meat, risotto, wine donuts) it is the indispensable wine and passe partout to always keep at hand. If you are looking for the best red wine to delight your guests, here you will be spoiled for choice

  • white wines

    White Wines

    White Wines

    An elegant alternative to the traditional red wine, white wine seduces by its color, which is not a common yellow but is declined in various shades of gold, amber, straw yellow. Usually used for fish-based dinners, white wines also go very well with cheeses and desserts, and are very precious in the kitchen, used to deglaze cooking stocks and enrich dishes with flavor.

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Amarone della Valpolicella... Amarone della Valpolicella...
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Amarone della...

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De Buris is the top-range exclusive project launched by Tommasi family

It comes from selected vineyards, less than 2 hectares and a wish: to capture the essence of the terroir, the perfect blending of grapes. To capture memories of aromas and sips of old vintages. To bring our modern idea of elegance in winemaking.

copy of Amarone della...
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copy of Amarone della...

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Il classico per eccellenza della famiglia Tommasi. Eleganza e struttura, morbidezza e complessità lo rendono un vino unico.

(comprende la cassa di legno)

Satèn DOCG- BÈLONduBÈLON (6... Satèn DOCG- BÈLONduBÈLON (6...
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Satèn DOCG-...

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copy of SPUMANTE ROSÉ... copy of SPUMANTE ROSÉ...
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copy of SPUMANTE ROSÉ...

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Exuberance belongs to a lively and vital person, determined and at the same time playful and full of spirit; who does not conceal one’s feelings, like the Rosé Traditional Method wine that proudly shows its bright rosé color, with fine perlage, that reflects the red fruit of the delicate aroma accompanied by hints of toasted bread.


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copy of LESSINI...

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After aging in the underground cellars for three years, the Lessini Durello “Brut”, produced with Traditional Method, learns perseverance. The ability of being stable, continuous. Persistence. In the same way this sparkling wine is long lasting iwhich can be appreciated in the mouth for a certain creaminess of the bubbles, parallel to a mineral quality which evokes rock dust. These have medium length and “push”.

It releases at the end aromas with reminiscences of citrus and pineapple. The color is bright yellow, its perlage is thick and continuous. Complex aroma, of white wildflowers and white pulp fruit with a sweet trace of almonds and toasted bread.

copy of DUE | VENETO ROSSO...
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copy of DUE | VENETO...

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Due Veneto Rosso IGT: every sculpture has a double soul. One hidden in the raw material, the other moulded by the hands of the sculptor. With precise gestures and finesse he extracts the perfect beauty concealed in the material. In the same way, only with equal accuracy and finesse, a wine like Due Veneto IGT can be achieved. A product made from Merlot and Cabernet Franc variety which expects attention and pursuit of detail.

The enologist’s job consists exactly in listening to the variety and the grapes answering the needs they express: in this case, a treatment which reproduces the technique of Ripasso.

The second fermentation – evoked by the name “Due” – corrects in fact any possible defect and leads to an excellent result.

To perfect beauty carved with the grapes.

Fasoli Gino - Degustazione...
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Fasoli Gino -...

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La confezione contiene: 2 bt: Bardolino DOC La Corte del Pozzo 2 bt: Valpolicella DOC La Corte del Pozzo 2 bt: Ripasso Valpolicella DOC La Corte del Pozzo Totale 6 bottiglie

“Orgno” Rosso Veronese...
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“Orgno” Rosso Veronese...

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Merlot was planted in the Orgno vineyard in 1978

as we wanted to see if our land, traditionally used to

produce white wines, was also able to produce red

wines of great quality. We were happy with the results: Merlot worked well in our area but we decided to

wait 10 years before releasing it on the market so that

it would reach the levels of quality that we demand.