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Nicolis Valpolicella Classico
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Nicolis Valpolicella...

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Medium intensity ruby red color. The aroma is vinous, characteristic, pleasant and delicate, reminiscent of the fruits that ripen in the area: cherries, morello cherries and plums. The taste is dry, full-bodied, slightly bitter, savory and harmonious, captivating for the pungent note of ginger, typical in Nicolis wines. It is the ideal wine for the complete everyday meal, it does not weigh down, in the fast midday meal. Provocative but to be tried with eels and fatty fish, it has no equal with pizza.

Roncaiolo 2017

Roncaiolo 2017

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Profumo lievemente etereo con note di vaniglia, aromi di mora, violetta, prugna, amarena, mirtillo, ciliegia, rosa rossa, ciclamino, cannella, pepe nero, pepe rosa, cuoio e cioccolato



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Due Veneto Rosso IGT: every sculpture has a double soul. One hidden in the raw material, the other moulded by the hands of the sculptor. With precise gestures and finesse he extracts the perfect beauty concealed in the material. In the same way, only with equal accuracy and finesse, a wine like Due Veneto IGT can be achieved. A product made from Merlot and Cabernet Franc variety which expects attention and pursuit of detail.

The enologist’s job consists exactly in listening to the variety and the grapes answering the needs they express: in this case, a treatment which reproduces the technique of Ripasso.

The second fermentation – evoked by the name “Due” – corrects in fact any possible defect and leads to an excellent result.

To perfect beauty carved with the grapes.

pacco regalo gif
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pacco regalo gif

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Cantina di Negrar Corvina...
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Cantina di Negrar...

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Corvina is the queen of Veronese red grapes,

typical of Valpolicella.

Colour: ruby red with garnet reflections.

Bouquet: spicy with notes of vanilla and hints

of cherry and black cherry. Taste: soft and

round with sweet tannins that blend well with

the wine’s texture. The finish is long, ending with spicy tones.

Valpolicella Superiore 2019...
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Valpolicella Superiore...

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The Valpolicella Superior Ferragù is a wine of great temper and structure which completely departs from the usual category wine. It is a wine with a faceted personality, vivid color, noble and excellent tannic persistence.

Intense ruby red colour.

A fruit flavor reaches the nose and it perfectly blends itself with spiced and vanilla flavor.

It results full, smooth and persistent to the mouth.

A clean wine, of great content. A wine of stature with superb clarity.

The Ferragù’s Valpolicella Superior is a great fine red wine which can remarkably well atend red meats, braised meats, roast and most of all venison.

It’s also suggested with salami, aged cheese and typical dishes..



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n every real man a child is hidden that wants to play”. Friedrich Nietzsche

ALPONE Durello Blu, Charmat method, likes to play: it has a full flavor, slightly sour, which distinguishes itself for the game it begins with salivation, by stimulating it with a slight bitter aftertaste. The hints of this sparkling wine have in fact a strong citric vein. The taste is dry and slightly fruity. The fragrances evoke wildflowers and white pulp fruit. It is lively wine, with a bright straw yellow color and fine grain long lasting perlage. A playful glamour.

Lessini Durello Spumante...

Lessini Durello...

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Lessini Durello Spumante D.O.C.



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Producing a Soave DOC means to interpret non just the enological characteristics but first of all the essence that an enologist, like a sculptor, must extract from the grapes. And the essence of Soave is typicalness.

It is being a wine of the origins, of traditions. About the history of a territory. Between the aromas of white flowers and light straw yellow color, emanates powerfully a sensation of familiarity: each sip is a memory, something known and already lived through.

Neroluce NV Doc Sicilia...
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Neroluce NV Doc...

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Tasting Notes.: On visual examination, it shows a typical straw color, with a medium-sized and persistent perlage. The bouquet on the nose offers floral notes and more fruity references. On the palate it is light-bodied, fine and balanced, with a fresh sip that recalls an herbaceous flavor.

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ai Rosso Colli Berici DOC: the wine of authenticity, of essence. Indissolubly rooted in the territory of which it is a local variety.

It is a world all to be re-discovered, flavors and aromas that reveal themselves and love to amaze, like a statue moulded with a raw material that, once forged and modeled, shows all its mysterious beauty. An authentic beauty.

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG
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Brunello di Montalcino...

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Un vino che nasce dalla bellezza del paesaggio a Podere Casisano, circondato da boschi secolari, a 480 metri di altitudine, sulle colline a sud-est di Montalcino.