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Speaking of a company in Negrar di Valpolicella (Verona) and writing about aging wines, one might have expected a

story about Amarone. But no. Dr. Paolo Zardini has decided to present his wine, the result of years of research and

experimentation: Il ROCCHETTO. A special wine which, as he himself describes: «is a complex single-variety wine,

full-bodied, with an intense ruby ​​red color and an aroma of wild blackberry and spices».


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It is produced with pure

Corvina grapes (100%) derived from a 30-year-old vineyard that has reached its balance but which, translated into wine,

with refinement shows persuasion, elegance and noble fragrance. The Corvina cultivar is in a somewhat difficult

situation; although it plays a key role in a very famous wine (Amarone della Valpolicella), it is not often seen vinified

individually. Indeed, when bottled on its own, it is relegated to lowly IGT status, which is simply unfair! Corvina

produces a wine with an imposing and majestic body, given the advanced late harvest (late November / December) with

floral red fruits on the nose and tasty currant fruits, red cherry, and plum on the palate. Brilliant and fruity, it is

historically compared to Beaujolais and the two certainly have the drinking capacity in common, even if in some

substantial aspects they differ, above all in favor of ROCCHETTO given the remarkable and exuberant quality

contained in the body of the wine..

ROCCHETTO is an intriguing wine derived from late-harvested grapes, withering that the bunches undergo on the

plant, an ancient technique also used by the Reti, to concentrate flavours, aromas and sugars. The yield is much lower

than the standard (about 85/90 quintals per hectare), with a drop of up to 30%, but the wine obtained is very rich in

extract, fruit and alcohol and is therefore incredibly structured and full-bodied. Another of ROCCHETTO's secrets is

linked to the territory as well as to the cellar practices. The production area is the noblest of the historic Valpolicella, i.e.

the hilly part of Negrar della Valpolicella, about 350 meters above sea level. The vinification is characterized by soft

destemming and fermentation which varies from 15 to 20 days, with Delestage combined with punching down and

pumping over, performed with absolute mastery. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature in stainless steel

between 20 and 22°C. Malolactic fermentation takes place, because it is sought after by consolidated oenological

protocols, at the same time as the Primary or tumultuous one, subsequently, the wine is refined in large barrels of

selected medium toasted French oak and of variable capacity (25 hl / 10 hl) for many years, usually followed by a few

years of aging in the bottle; there are still perfectly preserved vintages over 14 years old. In any case, ROCCHETTO is

a wine that has an oenological useful life of at least 20 years.

The wine has a beautiful, very dense and almost impenetrable ruby ​​colour. The nose is complex and beautiful, releasing

fruity aromas of ripe cherry, raspberry and blackberry, the classic hints of undergrowth accompanied by a note of dark

chocolate, which transcends into the hint of leather. We therefore perceive spicy hints of cinnamon, vanilla, an olfactory

contribution certainly made by the wood, but also by the evolution of the wine in synergy and refinement with the

barrel, and the multiple essences of the various types of wood used during the refinement. Then licorice and roasted

coffee, the hint of roasting is evident. Finally we perceive finely oriental notes (labdanum and benzoin, cinnamon) very

delicate as a side dish. In the mouth the wine is warm with its 15 degrees, with the softness well balanced by the marked

freshness and the full-bodied tannin, however very fine and perfectly melted in the wine. The bouquet is fleshy with

greedy fruit, especially cherries and sour cherries, flowers and warm autumn essences combined with light but distinct

mineral and spicy notes. The structure is great. The organoleptic triad of taste in this wine best expresses the balance

between: Alcohol, Acidity, Sugars and Dry Extract. Fruity and harmonious returns envelop the palate with an exclusive

elegance, this sensation makes the drink delicious and very long. If aged over time, this wine becomes even more

interesting and develops an intriguing balsamic and aromatic herb charm.

Velvety wine suitable for classic meat dishes such as chicken curry, ribs with barbecue sauce, baked lasagna, truffle

risotto, pulled pork, Argentinean empanadas, game, spicy barbecues, earthy stews, fillet Wellington, aged cheeses.

Finally, a wine that finds its primary place in meditative tasting.

On the palate it is a broad, soft, warm wine, supported by a good freshness that gives rhythm to the sip. The tannins are

docile and velvety. It is a majestic and imposing wine that embodies all the history and evolution of this company

anchored in the production of the great wines of the historic (classical) Valpolicella but oriented towards exploring the

micro-vinifications of the highest quality. ROCCHETTO is produced in a hilly area with a very high wine-growing

vocation of Negrar di Valpolicella.

Il vino Rocchetto 2017 è corvina al 100%

Tenuta Chevalier

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